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What are vinyl wraps ?

Think of it as a think film or sticker type of material that can be applied on almost any surface.  Long lasting (3-5 years) and 100% removable without damage making  vinyl wraps a great alternative to paint.  See our gallery page for some examples of the variety of vehicle wraps

What we customize

Everything! NO REALLY!  We are more then a  auto and vehicles wrap company. vehicle wraps autos and vehicles vinyl wrap We wrap entire buildings, walls, vehicles boats and trailers all the way down to T- Shirts, hats, mugs and pens.  We can cover all your personal or business vinyl creations.  Need help with a design no problem! Our graphics team can help you bring your ideas to life.

Vehicle wrap size guide

How much vinyl ?


This guide shows how much wrap  should  be purchase in order to fully wrap a vehicle.  Commercial and partial wraps will require less.


vehicle wrap

How long will it last ?

 Because we use the best material in the industry, you should get 5+ years out of our vehicle graphics. The Texas sun is a beast, so your care and overall treatment will have an impact on the longevity of your graphics. Houston Austin Killeen

Can wrap be removed?

Yes! vinyl wraps will act as a protectant for your vehicles paint and vehicle wraps can be completely removed without damage.

Can windows be wrapped?

 Window graphics can be printed on a special perforated vinyl that will allow the driver and passengers to see through the window. Graphics are only allowed to be applied to the rear and rear side windows. 

How long does install take?

Vinyl wraps typically installs take 3 days depending on the amount of vinyl being installed. Vehicle wraps require 24 hours of air controlled temps after installation. This should be taken into account when planning  installation.